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About Hayley


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  • Spirit Guided Healing


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  • Crystals
  • Oracle Cards


  • Spiritual Healing


Hayley is an intuitive energy healer. Her passion is to guide others to dissolve the conditioned parts of their being to be in their most beautiful and powerful form. Qualified as a Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner, she works with-in the multi-dimensional realm of each client with the assistance of crystals to create guidance and healing on an individual level.

Hayley has developed her intuitive gifts, personal guidance and support in finding ones inner truth and balance skills over many years of growing and evolving through her own life’s journey as well as assisting others in gaining clarity and empowerment with-in themselves. Hayley has experience in working with Oracle, has strong connections to her higher-consciousness, the divine source, Mother Earth, her guardians and her guides. She is a guiding light ready to assist you on your personal growth journey from a space of un-conditional love.

If you’re interested in having a reading now with Hayley [9112], then you can find out more here.

At PTV Australia our mission is to bring our extraordinarily gifted members of our team, to you in the comfort of your home, both via the phone and TV.  No matter what it is that you are searching for.  Whether it be some spiritual counselling, spiritual inspiration, a warm friend on the other end of the phone.  Answers to some of life’s most serious questions, or you find yourself in an emotionally stressful life changing situation.  We are here, 24/7 365 days of the year for you.  We will always provide you with the most authentic, genuine, personally tailored information. All undertaken within our company code of ethics, and each and every call is private and confidential. PTVAustralia services Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

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