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About Elizabeth Bratcher


  • Channeler
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyant
  • Counsellor
  • Medium
  • Psychic
  • Reiki Healer


  • English


  • Oracle Cards
  • Pendulum
  • Tarot Cards


  • Career/work
  • Deceased loved ones
  • Destiny/life path
  • Love/relationships
  • Past lives
  • Pets/animals

Star Sign:

  • Capricorn 


I am a natural born, highly trained and developed Psychic Medium and Shamanic Energy Worker. I work with a combination of skills that will give you a unique and personally tailored reading. I work with specifics, facts and accuracy. I specialise in relationship readings and empowerment through moving forward from trauma and significant life events. Connecting with spirit is something I am passionate about and have shown to have a good ability to contact “difficult to reach” loved ones passed.

A reading with me enables you to connect to, and evolve your own life purpose with abundance, joy and positivity. I am open and willing to explore almost any subject allowing you to lay peace to the past, bring solutions to the present and pave the way to the future you desire.



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  • So impressed with my 5 question email reading. Things that were mentioned that were not apart of the original questions, that could not have been known were amazing. Highly recommended.

Jayde Collins
  • I had an opportunity to watch Elizabeth with platform. What a lovely evening. Elizabeths compassion when working with spirit is beautiful but the way she allows there personality to shine is just beautiful too. Highly recommended.

Natasha Belling
  • Had a very insightful spot on reading in December last year. Everything Elizabeth said has happened so far. I can’t believe it. I’m excited for what the future has in store for me.

Morgan Jane
  • Spent time today with Elizabeth for the first time.
    WOW… Elizabeth was amazing.
    I walked away feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from
    My shoulders. You have a true gift.
    Thank- you

Karen-Anne Bergesen
  • Awesome reading, very accurate and detailed, Definitely has helped clarify and shift my focus to healing.

Rell Law
  • Thanks Elizabeth for a wonderful reading today you were just so accurate and true. it was such a pleasure to meet you.

Tanya Maree
  • Had a great reiki session with Elizabeth Bratcher of soul creations today!! Amazing calming experience especially while I’m pregnant 😊 I advise anyone to try it, Liz is very professional and I left feeling fantastic ✌ just what I needed xxx Thankyou again liz

Lauren Jacobson
  • This lady is amazing. I had the wellness package . I could feel the healing for days . I would and have , recommended to anyone who wants to hear .

Cindy Davis
  • Thank you thank you thank you. I came into my reading with a very heavy heart and left feeling much lighter.you answered everything i asked clearly and brought through my father whom i really wanted to hear from.you gave me some great advice and answers that i needed. Thank you.

Natalie Leggett
  • I had an email reading…. it was beyond expectations! She was so accurate with her descriptions that I was actually getting goosebumps reading it. Also the fact the she is open to questions so that you can clarify details is important to me… I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a little peace of mind.

Cate Elliott
  • What a beautiful Mother’s Day reading I received, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    The guidance insight and connections were truly amazing. Thank you for the messages from my son these were truly received with much love and the guidance was very essential at this time. Thank you once again for everything.

Tennille Hedges
  • I had my first Reading from Elizabeth today and I have never been so at peace with myself. There is no way she could have known what she did about me. I am soo happy with my reading I was really happy with everything. I will be back eventually. Thank you very much.

Skye Robinson
  • Meeting Elizabeth Changed my life ❤️

Kathryn Kingi
  • Elizabeth is an excellent and she can read and heal nicely. Thanks Elizabeth

Aruna Makaralshivaya
  • I had a one hour sitting with this amazing lady, very profound and insightful. I was nervous as the time approached but as soon as we started speaking a lovely calmness came over me. Her intuition is spot on, was a very pleasant experience.

Melanie Tennyson
  • Elizabeth is an amazingly accurate Psychic Medium, who shares her insight and wisdom from higher realms. Her gift is unique and uplifting. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing ❤

Meg Evans
  • Extremely accurate reading. Thanks so much.

Nicole Timberlake
  • I went to the recent MBS festival and sought out Elizabeth, I was so happy with my reading, Elizabeth was so spot on, I left with a big smile on my face and looking forward to my future. I would highly recommend her for a reading you won’t be disappointed

Tracy O’Connor
  • Highly recommended Elizabeth. Her spiritual abilities are mind blowing.
    She’s caring & compassionate & thoughtful throughout the readings.
    Her reiki ability is amazing as well.
    Definitely a 10/10

Michelle Wheeler
  • Wonderful lady I will be getting another reading again soon.

Claudia Quezada Pamaka
  • I was really pleased with the accurate reading I received . It was spot on.

Karen Heath
  • Elizabeth is amazing and Very inspiring. Thank you 🙏 Highly recommended.

Renee Kelly
  • One very gifted and very dedicated lady . She embraces her blessing and share all of herself to help others connect to past loved ones . Her platforming is amazing . Very talented and very accurate . Proud to call her a friend.

Ellen Morris
  • Such a beautiful and kind lady with an amazing gift, thank you so much for my readings xx

Mariah Hibbard
  • I had such an insightful reading with Elizabeth, she is professional, friendly and willing to answer questions. Highly recommended!

Leanne Fromsa Jones
  • Great reading, very accurate highly recommend AAA+++

Leanne Knowles
  • Was extremely happy with the outcome of my reading, would highly recommend this lovely lady if you need an insight into your life.

Sarah Marley
  • Elizabeth is a beautiful lady and the reading she did for me was incredible and I loved the way she asked me what I would like answers too as well as free reading. Her ability to connect with passed love ones was amazing ….Thankyou Elizabeth and I will be back  🙂 xx

Cath Howard
  • I attended a night in January and although no messages came through for me my friend who attended had messages come through for her… accurate, spot on to her recent circumstances.

Louise Ward
  • I had my first visit to Liz today for a psychic medium reading… and i was brought to tears.. a few times. She told me things only my grandmother would know and i hadnt shared a thing about myself. I knew she had made the right connection. Liz validated so much for me. It was flawless.. i couldn’t fault the reading today. Im still blown away.
    Liz is friendly, honest, down to earth and has a truly remarkable gift. Thank you for sharing it with me today!
    Thank you so much Liz for your validations, guidance and love! Its a reading I wont forget xx

Ash Louise
  • Amazing. Everything so accurate it blew my mind. Great envirnoment and I feel awesome after the massage and Rekki as well. Incredible experience. A big thankyou

Karen Lee Johnston
  • I had a reading with Elizabeth and WOW , goosebumps all over !!!! Some of the things she told me were confirmed that very day. Relatives from spirit came in during the reading. I had such a feeling of peace. Thank you Elizabeth. xxx

Kim Bell
  • Elizabeth has an amazing awareness and focused in on what was happening in my life with not a word of information from myself.
    She is quite gifted and an all-around Beautiful person.
    Many thanks to you Elizabeth.
    Just Amazing.

Jeffrey Morris
  • Elizabeth has a beautiful gift. I requested a 5 question reading from her and not only was she super fast in her reply but it was all spot on. She confirmed answers for me that a previous medium had given and the whole reading resonated strongly with me. Thank you Elizabeth it is very much appreciated xxxooo Btw Elizabeth is my mums name and my daughters name and happens to be my favourite name.

Karma Waters
  • WOW! I feel i came across Elizabeth Bratcher at the RIGHT time and provided some clarity. Im grateful.

Ria Costello
  • Elizabeth is a lovely lady! My 5 question reading was very accurate and in depth. Elizabeth is very gifted and provides an honest and detailed reading. I will be requesting further readings in the future and can recommend her 100% to anyone seeking clarity and understanding of their situation. Thank you Elizabeth xxx

Lisa Maree
  • OMG!!!! You broke down my walls. The things you told me that’s not public knowledge!!!! Thank you for helping me with my crossroad…..so real xo

Kelly Rippard
  • I had a reading via FaceTime today and it was amazing! Liz had such insight and was on the mark with people and things happening in my life. I love your communication style Liz, comfortable, honest and constructive. Thanks Liz 💕

Sarah Seeley
  • I received my 5 question email reading this morning and all I can say is WOW. It was amazing. Elizabeth hit the nail on the head with so many things. It was a very insightful read and I am so glad I did it. Thank you so much

Kim Woods
  • Elizabeth was so welcoming and friendly, the reading she did was so spot on with things from my past, present, future and some beautiful messages from departed loved ones. Thank you so much! Xxx

Emma Howard
  • I won an e-mail reading with Elizabeth. It was spot on and handled my question in a sensitive loving way. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much and much love to you Elizabeth xx

Lyn Horton
  • I’ve had a 5 question email reading and an Angel Card reading with this wonderful lady. Delivered with tact, thoughtfulness and accuracy which blew my mind. I love following her page as I find it very inspirational and keeps me thinking positive thoughts when I’m feeling a little negative. She boosts my spirits and her generosity with free readings and giveaways is outstanding. I would highly recommend her for a reading. Much love to you.

Knuth Taryn
  • Omg Elizabeth.. such a big relief from my back of the shoulders. It’s amazing and no words to express my gratitude and it’s 100% honest healing and without the doubt will do more reiki healing from you. still, I can’t believe it done a wonderful healing by distance.Thank you, Elizabeth.

Nilla Rakki
  • I felt completely supported and encouraged by Elizabeth. I felt my confidence go back up with my abilities. I will no longer doubt myself

Liam Alexander Baeumont
  • I met Elizabeth by chance at MBS festival and decided to have a reading. I am still glowing from the gorgeous reading I received and am very grateful for it. All the information including messages from spirit were so accurate and personal, there is no way she could have known what I was told. At the end of the reading I received a beautiful thankyou gift from Elizabeth. Glad we met!

Tara Louise
  • Took up the offer of the special promotion of the runes. All I can say is OMG everything was spot on accurate. Thank you so much Liz for offered my specials and providing readings for us. Highly recommend

Jody Crossley
  • I had a phone reading with Elizabeth today and I was blown away with how spot on she was with everything and so friendly too! I highly recommend her and will be back in the future.

Tammy Hinton
  • I sat with this wonderful lady for a 45min session. I didn’t have any expectations when walking in! When I walked out I had closure that was really needed. The accuracy she gives is mind blowing! Thank you very much!!

Belinda Jones
  • Very accurate and straight forward reader! Thanks Elizabeth xxx

Serena May