About PTV Australia

Home to Australia’s most gifted Psychic Mediums.

PTV Australia is the home of Australia’s most gifted spiritual advisors, counsellors, and Psychic Mediums. PTV was founded in 2010, and began as the very first TV platform for Psychics to demonstrate their abilities to the broader media audience. Fast becoming the one and only Psychic Television show to air Australia wide. To this day PTV remains the only television show that is exclusively spiritually based, and houses some of the most respected names in the psychic industry. All of our exceptionally gifted team, are highly accurate psychics, mediums and many have tertiary qualifications in counselling, psychology hypnotherapy or neurolinguistic programming. Each modality is equally important to the overall therapeutic well being of our clients, and we honour that everyone has a different perspective and mind set. Some of our practitioners have PHD’s in counselling and psychology, others have the ability to trans channel spiritual guidance from your very own spiritual support team, and all things in between.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring our extraordinarily gifted members of our team, to you in the comfort of your home, both via the phone and TV. No matter what it is that you are searching for, whether it be some spiritual counselling, spiritual inspiration, a warm friend on the other end of the phone, answers to some of life’s most serious questions, or you find yourself in an emotionally stressful life changing situation, we are here, 24/7 365 days of the year for you. We will always provide you with the most authentic, genuine, personally tailored information, all undertaken within our company code of ethics, and each and every call is private and confidential.

Our Show

Our TV show, is an integral part of our business and our mission with our TV shows is to inspire metaphysical understanding and shine a light on all aspects of the esoteric world, so as many people as possible have the chance to experience our extraordinary spiritual mediums first hand. We know, life can be difficult at times, and we want everyone to feel supported no matter what is happening or where you are in the world, there will always be something inspiring to watch on our media platform, a different perspective to contemplate, food for thought, or someone on the other end of the phone here.

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Our Team

Jane Brady – CEO

A spiritual medium and energy translator, Jane Brady is a gifted Psychic clairvoyant who counsels the human spirit with psychic intuition and pure, positive thought. With over 10 years of experience, Jane can pin point any aspect of a person’s journey, purpose, and blockages to living a more fulfilled existence.

Annemarie McDonell- Executive Assistant

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Reiki, Seichim Master Healer and Angel Intuitive.